Fred E. Miller
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NO SWEAT Public Speaking!
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You've Been Asked to Give a Presentation
Is It YES! or YIKES!
Have you been asked, or would you like to:
Make a Presentation * Give a Speech * Give a Toast
Accept an Award * Give an Award * Deliver a Eulogy
Facilitate a Meeting * or Speak to. . . ?
PUBLIC SPEAKING is most people's greatest fear. Some fear it more than dying! This fear holds back many people's careers. Like all the skills you possess, this one can also be learned!
This book will show you how!
If you speak, people consider you to be an Expert. Perception is reality. All things being equal, we prefer to deal with Experts!
In "No Sweat" Public Speaking! you'll learn:
* How to Develop a Speech/Presentation.
* How to Practice that Speech/Presentation.
* How to Deliver a Knock Your Socks Off Presentation!
* Techniques to overcome the Fear of Public Speaking!
* Presentation Tips that set you way above the average presenter.
* Techniques that will help your audience GET IT!
The "No Sweat" Public Speaking! Formula details the components, parts and elements of a speech. Fred names them - explains them - and gives examples throughout the book.
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St. Louis, MO USA
Author bio
Fred E. Miller is a speaker, coach, blogger, and author of the Book, "No Sweat Public Speaking!"

Businesses and individuals hire him because they want to improve their Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

They do this because we perceive really great speakers to be Experts.

Perception is reality and people like to work with Experts.

They also know:
Speaking Opportunities are Business Opportunities.
Speaking Opportunities are Career Opportunities
Speaking Opportunities are Leadership Opportunities

Those with a Fear of Public Speaking don't take or make those opportunities. He shows them how to lessen it!

He shows them how to Develop, Practice and Deliver Knock Your Socks Off Presentations! with - No Sweat!

Fred E. Miller
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"Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities!"

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