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JD Crighton
JD Crighton
Holmes’ Own Story: Confessed 27 Murders – Lied Then Died
Eighty-seven (87) restored and sourced, rare historical illustrations and photographs.

A fascinating look into the mind of one of America’s first serial killers. Born as Herman Webster Mudgett, H. H. Holmes was a horrific killer featured in Erik Larson’s popular book, The Devil in the White City. Holmes built a three story ‘Murder Castle’ in Chicago in the 19th century with death on his mind. A doctor by trade, Holmes lured unsuspecting victims into secret rooms, vaults and gas chambers and made use of a dissection table in his basement. He preyed on travelers that came to Chicago for the World Columbian Exposition in 1893 by advertising rooms for rent and offering employment opportunities.

No doubt about it, Holmes earned despicable nicknames such as Arch Fiend, Butcher, Modern Bluebeard, Swindler, and Moral Degenerate. Holmes was a monster in disguise as a doctor, a perfect ruse to lure his victims. After all, who would not trust a doctor?

Learn what Holmes personality and thought process was like, straight from the mind of a killer. This three-part book includes Holmes’ memoir and his confession of twenty-seven murders. It also has details about his death, unusual burial, and an odd story Holmes told about his reincarnation. Notes, illustration credits, and bibliography are included.
On Sale November 14, 2017: Detective in the White City: The Real Story of Frank Geyer
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Emergency Management professional writing true crime, history, and thrillers.
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