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The Third Age - Is 65 supposed to be the Breach?
Book Description
3 stages of life, education, development and career paths the first two ages. The third age, "The Enjoyment years" urges to forget aches and pains, but encourage the enjoyment of life with a positive attitude through strength, renwed energy and inspiration
Additional Book Titles
In working stages
Location (city/state/country)
Bethesda, Maryland
Author bio
88-year old two time stroke survivor enjoying life as a writer while caring for ambulant husband at 90. World traveled, former international economic development consultant through Latin America. Mother of one son, one grandson and hopefully son a dog.
Professional Speaker Topics
"Learn How to say NO"; "Life is What You Make it, Enjoy It." Various topics on Stroke prevention, at risk factors and change of lifestyle for better health
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"You are only as good as you allow your brain to let you"

"Think negative and you shall be negative, but think Positive and the world becomes your Oyster"

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