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Build Your LinkedIn Profile for Business Success!
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UPDATED in 2016, here's the complete step-by-step guide for SMBs,entrepreneurs & freelancers.

Boost your LinkedIn profile for business:

Your clients are on LinkedIn–but what have you done about it? Sure,you signed up & connected with over 100 people.But are you really generating business from LinkedIn?

What’s wrong?
Would you send prospects to a website that’s unprofessional or under construction? Of course not.Then why let them google you & see your poor LinkedIn profile?
Are you still thinking LinkedIn is primarily used by recruiters,or treating LinkedIn chiefly to accept random invitations to connect?

How can you fix it? Most LinkedIn users underestimate the power of a great LinkedIn profile.Viewing profiles is the #1 activity performed on LinkedIn.15 million profile views take place on LinkedIn.Per Day. http://il.linkedin.com/in/alfon/

LinkedIn is big– & growing: 450 million users (130+ million in the US alone!)
Every second,2 people sign up to LinkedIn.If you’re looking for projects in a competitive environment,you need to get it right on LinkedIn.

What’s in it for you? A powerful LinkedIn profile will help you get noticed,get found & help customers choose & reach you.

Who is this book for? This guide was written to help you get new business:
 SMBs
 Business owners
 Entrepreneurs
 Salespeople
 Independent freelancers

My promise to you

Over the years,the systematic approach I have created has been thoroughly tested & perfected throughout hundreds of hands-on workshops.
Since signing up to LinkedIn in early 2004 (yes, 2004), I have helped entrepreneurs, freelancers,independents & salespeople alike do one thing:get new business.
Following the accolade my LinkedIn profile crash course got,I decided to develop a comprehensive how-to guide presented for the first time in this book.

If you’re interested in lead generation or clients for a new venture,I promise that your LinkedIn presence will be transformed after reading this book.

All the actionable techniques shown in this book are free to use.None requires paying for a Premium LinkedIn account.
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NY & ISrael
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Over a decade ago, in February 2004,I accepted a LinkedIn invitation.

I have since spent more time leveraging LinkedIn than most LinkedIn employees.

Now you can turn your own passive LinkedIn profile into a business-generating website - without the time it took me!
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