Wolfgang Moss
Location (city/state/country)
Birmingham, AL
Author bio
Wolfgang Moss, with his education in psychology and marketing earns his living as a realistic, fulfillment-based life coach, motivational speaker, and now author. Using his passion for psychology, self-help, personal development, and commitment to overcoming life’s biggest hurdles, he combines his personal experience with anecdotes from some of his most successful clients. After years of collecting stories and personal insight, Wolfgang uses satire and sometimes down-right humor to finally bring these revelations to the public in concise, easy to follow stories that will motivate readers to take charge of their lives and experience victory in some of the most challenging areas they face. Wolfgang also works with clients to successfully market their best ideas and bring about engaging new opportunities that lead to prosperity and a sense of accomplishment.

Wolfgang lives with his wife and son in the Birmingham, AL area. He enjoys spending time with his Black Labrador, Octavius, and traveling anywhere tropical.

Wolfgang will continue to add his collection of books as they are published, and readers are encouraged to follow this insightful new author!

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