Rachele Baker, DVM

Rachele Baker, DVM
Rachele Baker, DVM
Eighteen Months To Live
Heart-wrenching, heartwarming, and inspirational. After being told that she had less than eighteen months to live, Midge Rylander determined to keep a daily journal to document the challenges she faced so that her experiences could help others. Eighteen Months To Live contains Midge’s journal as well as letters that she wrote to her daughter Rachele during her final months of life.

“Eighteen Months to Live will have you smiling through your tears and full of admiration for this remarkable and courageous woman.” Ali Isaac, Goodreads

“You feel every emotion, live every moment, and understand what it’s like to live with such a horrible disease. Do not look upon this book as a sad story, but one of how to live life to its fullest.” Cindy Holdmann, Goodreads

“Her journal shows a woman who handled herself with grace, poise, and dignity, as she tells of her daily trials and tribulations, her refusal to go down without a fight, and finally, her acceptance of the inevitable. It highlights the beauty of the human spirit, the vulnerability of life, and the need to remember that every day is precious.” E.D. Brady, Goodreads
Brentwood, California
Dr. Rachele Baker is a veterinarian, a writer, an award-winning blogger, and a pet lover. She lives in the beautiful state of California. She has a golden retriever named Savanna who is the love of her life and a very large Maine Coon cat named Chessie.

On her blog entitled Rachele Baker, Veterinarian and Author (http://rachelebaker.com), Dr. Baker has published a number of articles about pet health, resources for pet parents, and chapter previews for her upcoming book.

Dr. Baker is in the process of writing a series of short books about medical problems in dogs and cats. The first book in the series will be published soon and will be entitled Dogs With Allergies: How To Stop The Itching, Scratching, and Chewing.
Dogs with allergies.
Medical issues in dogs or cats.

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