William Barr
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POSSIBLE: A Guide for Innovation
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What is Possible???
New e-book asserts innovation is “strange attractor” of Chaos Theory.
Economic genius Peter Drucker said that “business has just two functions: marketing and innovation.” Innovation is the fundamental driver of economics and it is essential we understand it. The new book Possible: A Guide for Innovation informs you about the “spirit of innovation” and gives you an intuitive feel for it using quotes and anecdotes from business legends and famous historical figures.

Possible uses a breezy fast style, unabashedly entertaining, and briefly covering every aspect of the entire subject of innovation, giving the reader a comprehensive understanding and allowing them to quickly re-read about an idea or technique and then go out and try it. Everyone with the power to change things in an organization can benefit from this book, which also discusses the latest idea in innovation called “open innovation.” Plus it gives you a list of specifics: the four basic ways ideas are used, 20 ways to measure innovation, 36 features of the corporate culture, and 21 techniques to develop ideas.

Author John Steinbeck said “the group never invents anything” pointing out that the birth of a new idea starts with the individual, and therefore Possible devotes one chapter to a basic look at the phenomena of psychological creativity, including 18 features of the creative personality. Use this handbook for innovation and discover everything that's possible.
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Houston, Texas USA
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Since graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in Psychology, author William Barr has devoted his life to the study of the psychological phenomena of creativity, and as an extension of that, the subject of innovation and its benefit to society.

Mr. Barr is allowed 30 minutes daily to think about absolutely anything and with no purpose in mind. Subjects include paranormal phenomena, time travel, and quantum mechanics. He lives and writes in Houston, Texas where he is bewildered from his fascination with all subjects. His e-book on innovation and creativity called Possible: A Guide for Innovation is available from amazon.
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Winston Churchill "Never give in."

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