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Brasil Pelada II: A Visual Guide to the Rio Olympics & Paralympics 2016
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Brasil Pelada II: A Visual Guide to the Rio Olympics & Paralympics 2016 is a smallish book with a big message:

It gives you the essential information you need to safely enjoy the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

Based on many years travelling in Brazil, it is an up to date ( Jun 2016) training manual;

covering Safety, the Lingo,Travel, Food, Accessibility etc., and a brief context to what you see around you.

Brazil is Country with high levels social deprivation and violence (street robbery)

However, you will be visiting Brazil during it's most secure time as the Prefect (local authority)

will flood Rio with Police and Military.

This is difficult but necessary as Rio has one of the highest levels of violence (theft)

in Brazil. This may seem incongruous with the beauty of the Copacabana, or the Botanical

Gardens of the rain forests in the South of Rio, but the shadow of the favelas fall heavy

on this idyllic Paradisical City of beaches.

The Government (& Police) are so corrupt that the ordinary Carioca despite living in

the birthplace of Bossa Nova) is way beyond cynical.

However despite the Political palsy, Brazil remains a beautiful country and people.

You won't encounter the singular cynicism of Western indifference here ; you'll

feel la Joie de Vivre but sadly not la Droite des Hommes (or even Femmes)

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Brasil Pelada I: Guide to the world Cup 2014
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london uk
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W.Phillip is an Educational
Technologist & first-time
author, born in Princes
Town Trinidad, educated
in the UK, and now based
in Hamtun England.

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Black Curricullum
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