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SINK or SWIM: How to Make Your Small Business "Unsinkable" in 10 Steps, With Proven Marketing Strategies The Experts Won't Tell You
Book Description
Book Description:

The purpose of this book is to teach and equip Solo-Preneurs and Small Business owners with ten key marketing and sales strategies to help their business achieve sustainable financial success, then walk them through on how to implement them. Each of the ten chapters is carefully sequenced to optimize the impact based on what was learned and implemented from the previous chapter.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 01 … Setting Goals Effectively
Chapter 02 … Define Your Target Market
Chapter 03 … Profits from Thin Air
Chapter 04 … Systemizing Your Business and
Developing Effective Processes
Chapter 05 … Creating a Powerful Offer
Chapter 06 … Copywriting for Profits
Chapter 07 … Use Scripts to Increase Sales
Chapter 08 … Generating an Unlimited Amount
of Leads for Your Business
Chapter 09 … Risk Reversal to Increase Sales
Chapter 10 … Learn from Other’s experiences: Marketing Case Studies

Why this book?

On December 2007, the ship steered by the United States and other world’s economies, collided with an iceberg called The Big Recession. The economy sank for 18 months, followed by a long and painful period of economic recovery. On board of that sinking ship were thousands of Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses that never made it to shore along with the jobs they represented. Despite their huge impact in the economy in terms of employment generation, these small businesses are vulnerable to going underwater due to the scarcity of resources required to access a lifeboat and maneuver out of the icy rubble left behind”.

Many Entrepreneurs are struggling to stay afloat and make ends meet, they need to be rescued. In order to maximize the benefit to these resource-starved businesses we must focus on taking them out of the icy waters of recession, “give them CPR” and “resuscitate” their financial health. This could be accomplished by focusing on improving their marketing and sales processes, in order to inject a “healthy dose” of cash flow. After these businesses emerge from under water, then the second phase of the transformation should be focused on applying Lean and Continuous Improvement principles to improve quality, eliminate defects and process waste from all key processes.

This book is focused on revitalizing the Marketing and Sales Processes; the upcoming books of this series will be focused on applying Lean and Continuous Improvement to achieve sustainable success.
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Juan R Gomez Hoyos is a Fortune 500-trained and seasoned proven expert in Lean and Continuous Improvement, with over twenty years of industry experience. Since 2005 has been helping organizations achieve best-in-class status. He is the founder and CEO of Institute for Business Success, LLC in Tennessee, USA. He has a science degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master Degree in Quality System Management and a Six-Sigma Black Belt Certification.
Professional Speaker Topics
-Business Coaching
-Career Success
-Applying Lean to Small Businesses
-Cultural Transformation within small and big organizations
-Strategic Planning
-Effective Root Cause Analysis Techniques
-Creativity and Innovation
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"Knowledge does not occupy space"

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