Margaret Placentra Johnston
Most Recent Book Title
Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind
Book Description
Faith Beyond Belief uses ten true stories from real life people to illustrate the steps in spiritual development. Spiritual development theory is an amalgam of the works of fourteen "theorists" who have described stages people go through on the road to spiritual maturity. Though the theorists come from different backgrounds, different parts of the world and even different centuries, commonalities are obvious in the trajectory they describe. Faith Beyond Belief is NOT a book against religion, it is an invitation to consider a broader perspective.
Additional Book Titles
In the works: Rx for Spiritual Myopia: an Eye Doctor's Prescription Beyond the Societal Ills of Our Time.
Author bio
As a practicing Optometrist, Margaret has spent over thirty years helping people see better in the physical world. She is now on a mission to share a greater type of clarity regarding our spiritual inclinations.
Professional Speaker Topics
Religious Faith versus Non-Faith: a New Perspective, Spirituality for the Rational Mind, Are We Transforming?, Faith Beyond Belief: Accompanying Our Congregations on the Journey Toward Faith,

Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

That which unites and includes is good/desirable/spiritually mature/leads us forward developmentally, and contributes to our own greater fulfillment.

That which divides or separates is bad/undesirable/spiritually immature/leads us backward, and contributes to our own misery and despair.

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