Syndee Hendricks

Syndee Hendricks
Syndee Hendricks
Insights from an Intuitive
Over 200 quotes in over a dozen categories used to coach and inspire clients over decades.
Step Aside, Get Out of Your Own Way, My Life My Way Workbook Series: Companion Workbook, Empowering Journal, Manage Me Planner
Sacramento, CA USA
A multiple award winning entrepreneur, Syndee Hendricks is a Business Performance Specialist. She is an Author, Speaker, Intuitive Coach, and Business Consultant, with an extraordinary level of integrity and insightful gifts. She strategizes to connect passion and purpose with your dreams and goals accelerating your journey to success for powerful results! She has over 25 years of successful proven experience coaching thousands of people worldwide. Her passion is to inspire the possibilities and assist in achieving them with each person with whom she connects so that they can re-invent themselves to live the life they envision.
Goal For It! How I achieved over 20 Goals in One Year!
Step Aside, Get Out of Your Own Way
Your Life, Your Way…Get Yours Now!

Live, laugh, love, be grateful, have unyielding faith, and remember that integrity defines you. ~ Syndee Hendricks

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