Ann Doupont
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Forever Fruitful
Book Description
This book is for those who desire God's will in their lives.

God’s desire for His people is that they bear fruit. This sometimes requires a pruning process that is less than pleasant to experience; but in understanding what is to come after it’s over, they are then able to go through it.
Additional Book Titles
Irons in the Fire
God Can Heal Anything!
More, Lord
The WOW Effect, Volumes 1 - 5
Holy Spirit, Teach Us to Pray
The Overcoming Life
Overcoming Fear
Overcoming Anxiety
Overcoming Your Past
Overcoming Confusion
Being an Overcomer
Experiencing Revival
Poetry for Your Life
Inspiration for Your Life
Being Healed
Love from a Serious Protégé
You Are Not a Mistake
Another Inspirational
You Don’t Have to be Sick
The Good News Letters
Stories of the Supernatural
Location (city/state/country)
Boise, Idaho, USA
Author bio
Ann Doupont is a prolific writer and the author of 28 e-Books, all of which are in the nonfiction inspirational genre.

Born in San Francisco and raised across the Bay in Oakland. Married at 16, divorced at 21, a teenaged alcoholic and drug abuser. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder and in mental institutions on five separate occasions.

Committing her life to the Lord Jesus Christ on November 30, 1979, Ann came to understand what she needed to do in order to be healed from what medical professionals had told her was incurable. She has been off of all psychiatric medications for over 30 years.

Ann has shared her story of her miraculous recovery from Bipolar Disorder on
television, on the radio, in magazines and newspapers, and to many individuals and groups.

Ann's book "God Can Heal Anything!" is her story of what it was like having had mental illness, what happened to bring about her healing, and what it's like now. One of her newest e-Books is entitled "You Are Not a Mistake" and was written for teens and other young people.

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