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Wholesaling and the Flip
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Real Estate wholesaling and flipping homes are new professions in the new age of business. Today wholesaling paper is an option for new so-called investors to get involved in real estate and obtain great wealth from closing 1 deal. It is a threat to the real estate agent because starting in 2015, wholesaling,real estate rehabbing, and flipping became has become a business taking a market share out of realtors and brokerage inventory. This book will teach the basics of wholesaling and flipping so anyone can begin to wholesale (transfer deed to deed between legal owner to a new owner) and formulate lucrative opportunity and abundance in life.
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CD training series -Study intensive
Success in Real Estate Entrepreneurism TM
Wholesaling and Flipping -MASTER PLAN

work in progress
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Los Angeles, Calif,. USA
Author bio
Jessica Dawn Russell is 3rd generation real estate business entrepreneur and company owner. She established herself in real estate in Beverly Hills, California after her mother (a real estate investment and development company owner)pressured her to get out of acting and modeling. Very young in sales, she opened new doors working for the finest companies and teaching senior agents technology and conversions. Later breaking rules in real estate sales, she invested in companies, operated various offices in entertainment, produced motion pictures, established a talent management. Jessica Dawn Russell wrote a book called, "911 Hollywood Emergency", lecturing and teacher Hollywood actors professionally by understanding the operations and how the system works. Personally how to their A-Game out and get the part. Jessica has won awards in entertainment, public speaking, real estate and as an author. In 2016, Jessica Dawn Russell announced she would create project under the name of JD Russell to expand the market and introduce educational tools in the areas of real estate, marketing and presentation.
Professional Speaker Topics
Real Estate-General
Wholesaling, rehabbing, and flipping!
International business and consulting topics
Business and real estate investment brokerage techniques
Entertainment industry related
Marketing, social media and advertising
Wealth and entrepreneur topics

Women in entrepreneurism
Women in business topics
Motivational-personal growth and accountability.
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To a women: It's a man's world but it depends on how we play it.

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