Katja Leccisi
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Questions and Answers About Your Baby's First Foods
Book Description
When it’s time for your baby to start eating, you can trust Katja Leccisi's expertise and experience as a childhood nutritionist and a parent.
With up-to-date and reliable information, and an easily accessible question and answer format, Questions and Answers about Your Baby’s First Foods will empower you to nourish your baby confidently, from first foods onwards.
Additional Book Titles
How to Feed Your Kids: Four Steps to Raising Healthy Eaters
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Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
Author bio
Katja Leccisi, MS, RDN, author of How to Feed your Kids: Four Steps to Raising Healthy Eaters, is a registered dietitian-nutritionist and a former international board certified lactation consultant and La Leche League Leader. She has more than 20 years’ experience working with families and educators in Canada and the USA.
Professional Speaker Topics
Nutrition, food, and eating for the whole family, from pregnancy, and breastfeeding, on thorough the childhood years. Words that resonate with me, and form the basis of my work: Breastfeeding. Attachment Parenting. Gardening. Cooking. Family Meals. Mindfulness. Gratitude.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

I believe that eating is one of life’s pleasures.
I believe it’s all about nourishing the body and spirit, not just feeding nutrients.

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