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Mindfulness and Meditation in the south of France
Book Description
Mindfulness and Meditation in the south of France differs from other books about mindfulness and meditation in five unique ways:

1. This book proposes a technique, in the form of a questionnaire, to help you choose the meditation method will work the best for you. Meditation is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. We are all different, we each have to find a meditation method that suits us, mentally and physically.

2. This book will help readers solve real-life problems. In each chapter, an everyday person with everyday challenges explains his/her problem. There is

-someone who struggles to lose weight and keep it off,
-someone with relationship problems,
-someone who can not sleep,
-someone with an overwhelmingly stressful job,
-someone whose new business is faltering,
-someone who is trying to make a long-treasured dream come true,
-someone who wants to grow spiritually...

The rest of each chapter demonstrates how each of these people can solve their problem with mindfulness and meditation.

3. This book helps people who do not enjoy traditional sitting meditation to find a realistic alternative. Not everyone can sit still for 60, 30, 20 or even 10 minutes at a time.

-Some people constantly need to be in motion.
-Others have time constraints.
-Yet others have physical conditions, like arthritis, that makes sitting meditation difficult.

4. This book is an interactive and practical aid – each chapter contains a selection of links to further resources, carefully chosen to help the reader discover and experience the various meditation methods presented. There are also links to scientific studies that back up the effectiveness of the methods described in the book.

5. This book exclusively contains a chapter about equine-guided meditation, one of the meditation methods we introduce our mindfulness meditation workshop participants to.The chapter includes instructions on how to practice equine-guided meditation in the absence of horses.
Additional Book Titles
French Women's Confidence Secrets
Horse Riding Confidence Secrets
Author bio
Dr Magaretha de Klerk (nom de plume Margaretha Montagu) is an experienced medical doctor, a certified NLP practitioner, a medical hypnotherapist and an equine-assisted psychotherapist (EAGALA level II).

In 2005, frustrated with the limitations of medical practice, Margaretha switched to equine-assisted psychotherapy, realizing a long-cherished dream of enabling others to live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, full of purpose and meaning with the help of her horses. Margaretha is especially interested in helping people manage stress more effectively and so avoid the mental and physical health damage that unbridled stress can cause. To reach an even wider audience, she took up writing in 2011.

Margaretha divides her time between London and the south of France, where she hosts personal empowerment "Connect with Horses" Clinics based on equine-assisted experiential learning and mindfulness meditation.
Professional Speaker Topics
Mindfulness, Meditation, Stress Management, Self-esteem
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