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Which Type To Write? 555 Book Types To Build Your Business And Brand (The Ultimate System For Starting A Book That Will Create Big Business Results — Including 160 Types That Require Less Writing)
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Our complete collection of business book types that gets aspiring executive authors focused and started on a book that can bring 6- and 7-figure results to their business, results that go way beyond strong book sales and bestseller status. Each featured type is brought to life via 2 real-world examples plus readers identify the desired business results they seek from their book (from over 40 possibilities) and the target audiences related to those results.
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** Getting Started On Your Book: 77 Book Types To Build Your Business And Brand (A Mini-Course For Creating A Game-Changing Book — Including 24 Types That Require Less Writing).

** Teach What You Know: 111 Types Of How-To Books To Build Your Business And Brand (Including 25 That Require Less Writing).

** Fast-Track Your Book! 160 Book Types To Build Your Business And Brand That Require Less Writing.
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Carol Abrahamson is a new kind of business book expert, coach, strategic adviser and consultant in that, besides her years as a publishing industry insider, she has an MBA and extensive business experience strategically advising top executives in hundreds of companies and dozens of industries. Her broad knowledge about how a book can create remarkable growth in virtually any business is essential for executive authors to tap into.

Through her company Executive Authors, she helps authors create a book that will deliver desired 6- and 7-figure business results while also recommending changes to their business that will maximize the book’s impact. She creates a powerful synergy between her clients’ books and businesses that often generates game-changing results.

As one of the first executives anywhere to create a book for their business, Carol knows firsthand about the success a book can bring through the $2 million in consulting revenues and 100 big-company clients her first book brought her one-person business 25 years ago. She has written 15 books about her expertise and businesses since, with seven more coming (all for aspiring executive authors) in the next year.
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