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Whether you plan to use a publisher or self-publish, we help you make the foundational decisions to start your business-building or broader influential nonfiction book, we have mastermind groups to help you finish plus to modify your business to maximize your book's growth impact, and we have specialized consulting programs described at
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Getting Started on Your Book: 666 Book Types To Build Your Business & Brand (The Ultimate System For Starting A Book That Will Create Big Business Results — Including 222 Types That Require Less Writing)
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Our Ultimate Book Start System for making your book's key strategic decisions plus our compilation of proven business book types (with 2 real-world examples of each) get aspiring executive authors focused and started on a book that can bring 6- and 7-figure results to their business -- results that go way beyond strong book sales and bestseller status.
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** Which Type To Write? 77 Book Types To Build Your Business & Brand (A Mini-Course For Creating A Game-Changing Book — Including 26 Types That Require Less Writing).

** Teach What You Know: 111 Types Of How-To Books To Build Your Business And Brand (Including 32 That Require Less Writing).

** Fast-Track Your Book! 222 Book Types To Build Your Business And Brand That Require Less Writing.

** The Big 4: The Essential Strategic Decisions & Worksheets For Your Business-Building Book
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DeKalb, IL USA
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Carol Abrahamson has been thinking about how experts and thought leaders can monetize their expertise since her first book brought her one-person business over $2 million in consulting revenues, industry-leader status and 100 new big-company clients — over 30 years ago! Since then, she’s informally helped hundreds of executives wanting to create an important business-building book. And in 2008, she founded Executive Authors ( to help them reach similarly notable goals via her workbooks, consulting and mastermind groups. She augments and complements their publishing team in two ways: (1) by getting their book structured properly to produce their SPECIFIC desired business growth results before that team starts working. And (2) after the writing has begun, she helps modify their business to maximize the book’s impact on it while also generating those desired results. Whether an executive uses a publisher or self-publishes, she’s the business and growth strategist every author needs who’s hoping for game-changing business results from their book.

Carol has written 25+ books about her expertise in three fields, including some that have sold in five countries. Most recently, she self-published a multi-award-winning family of five workbooks to help executive authors answer the ever-looming question, what kind of business-building book shall I write? She has 15 more on the way for aspiring authors in as many industries as well as five new workbooks to help authors without a business or nonprofit to build (i.e., executives within organizations or building their legacy career brand) to create an influential nonfiction book. She also has returned to her roots by creating books, courses and services to help experts and thought leaders build lucrative businesses — apart from authoring a book — through nearly 300 proven income streams that leverage their expertise plus a dozen other topics essential for their success.
Professional Speaker Topics
(1) How to address the challenge of having a book and business that work TOGETHER to generate important business results & growth, (2) the essential 18 steps to start a game-changing business-building or influential nonfiction book (you'll have a working title/subtitle for a book that'll generate the remarkable results you've dreamed about), (3) a rundown of any of the 700+ proven nonfiction book types we've compiled to help you decide which type of book to write - 222 of which often require less original writing than the typical business or nonfiction book, (4) 22 free/nearly free ways to publicize your book and start generating desired business growth before you even start writing it, (5) any of 280+ income streams your book and expertise can spawn, (6) the explosive power of creating your book - or modifying your business so your book has maximum impact - as a member of a mastermind group of nonfiction authors doing the same.
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We are all a stepping stone FOR and TO each other.

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