George Vidaurre
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Winning the War Against Erectile Dysfunction
Book Description
Winning the War Against Erectile Dysfunction is an alternative medicine book, that offers a very effective list of dietary supplements, natural herbs and nutrition to replace prescription drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The book contains over 20 full text scientific citations whose reprint copyrights were obtained, and over 50 short citations to provide a strong support for the content of this book. But make no mistake this book was written in layman's term for the most basic reader.
Author bio
George Vidaurre a compulsive passionate researcher, reader and non-fiction writer, developed severe insomnia and headaches as side effects from the brief use of ED drugs, searched over many months for natural herbs and supplements to cure ED, found that there are very effective dietary supplements, herbs and nutrition, backed by research published in some of the most reputable medical journals, later on wrote Winning the War Against Erectile Dysfunction, that received two 5 Star and one 4 Star rating from reviewers at
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