Cheryl Melody Baskin

Cheryl Melody Baskin
Cheryl Melody Baskin
Shift of Heart-Paths to Healing and Love
Motivational self-help book of love, encouragement, practical tools for navigating life’s challenges, inspirational everyday true stories, short visualizations, reflections and meditations; jam-packed small clear easy to read book guiding all of us towards more self-love, inner peace, balance, presence and mindfulness, discovering the paths towards living with joy and chaos in parallel.
Featured Author Interview of process and thoughts as told to Nonfiction Authors Association:

From the time that she was young, “Melody”-as she prefers to be called- has been a creative dreamer, quietly listening to life’s whispers and signs to help guide her next steps. Although she is known as a performing artist, composer, recording artist and educator, she is now courageously walking the path of author, with the release of her book, “Shift of Heart- Paths to Healing and Love.”

She believes in a balance of quiet contemplation, meaningful social interaction, and the healing power of nature, positive words, music and creativity. Most of all, she is passionate that peace is possible, one loving person at a time, and that we are all connected.

In “Shift of Heart-Paths to Healing and Love,” Cheryl Melody Baskin offers her highest wisdoms (on good days), life coaching tools for balance and energy in the midst of chaos or joy, and heart-centered compassion to everyone searching for increased inner growth and inner peace. She proclaims herself “a work in process,” believing that the answers to our questions in life are inside each of us if we are silent and willing to listen. Most of all, Melody feels that every small moment of personal healing, compassion, love and forgiveness helps to create positive resonance that actively vibrates love into our beautiful planet.
How to Listen to Life’s Wisdom-Whisper
Discovering and Honoring the Dreamer in You
Everyone is Creative!

“If I waited to be perfect, this book would have been silent”-from Shift of Heart-Paths to Healing and Love

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