Charron Walker
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My Purpose God's Plan
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As human beings our instinct is to have a roadmap for our lives, because we have goals and desires we want to achieve. Author Charron Walker reveals in My Purpose God’s Plan
even though we have some control over our future, only God knows the outcome. “The purpose for my life was predestined before I was born. The ‘blueprint’ I had for my life was not what God had planned for me.”
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Jacksonville, Florida
Author bio
Charron Y. Walker is a breast cancer conqueror, Founder and CEO of Young Survivors Network, Inc., and an educator on breast health. The Young Survivors Network she founded in 2006 is a support program for young women survivors of breast cancer. Charron lives in Florida.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

I have been through a lot to do this; everyday is a faith walk for me. God spared me for a reason and this is my Purpose!