Rosemary Augustine
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Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats
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Award winning writer Rosemary Augustine is the author of Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats. The book is a series of quick verses, often poetic, serious and then outrageously funny, that sends every feline to the front of the line for wit and wisdom for life. Ziggy and Zack demonstrate a talent that translates into valuable life skills for humans in our everyday living.
Who is Ziggy and Zack? The story begins with six kittens who were born to a feral momma cat somewhere near Berwyn, PA in the spring of 2005. Not long after the momma moved her six kittens to a safer location, she was found dead in the road… leaving behind her 5-week old kittens. Fast forward their rescue by a local vet technician and introduction by a pet sitter, and within hours of meeting, the author returns home with two male kittens - a grey striped tabby and a black and white tuxedo … later that night to be named Ziggy and Zack.
It goes without saying, Ziggy and Zack made a difference at a very significant time in the author’s life. Instantly they bonded as family. However, as kittens, these two felines were quite a handful and at three months old, demonstrated tricks about life that gave anyone instant pause. As a result, the reader will look at life from a very different perspective as ordinary kittens change into adult cats. As the author says: “It took my breath away, and in the end, I decided to reveal their secrets.”
Additional Book Titles
365 Days of Creative Writing; Journal to a More Creative Self; How to Live and Work Your Passion; I Love My Job; 29 Things To Do; Facing Changes in Employment; Adventures with Byron; Ziggy's Secrets; Jenny's Secrets; Bucket List Journal;
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Melbourne, Florida
Author bio
A native of southern New Jersey, Rosemary Augustine spent most of her adult life living in California and Colorado and returned to the Philadelphia area in 2001 to care for an aging parent.

A career coach for 25 years, Rosemary published her first book “Facing Changes in Employment” in 1995. Rosemary provided career counseling/coaching to individuals from all walks of life both in my private practice and through the international outplacement firm of Lee Hecht Harrison. In 1996, was founded by her at a time when the internet was just getting started for the general population. As an entrepreneur for 25+ years, Rosemary consulted with both individual and corporate clients on topics of career transition, career change and entrepreneurship. She helped many people transition from Corporate America into their own business even though many people often identify her with effective job search techniques.

Formerly President of Colorado Independent Publishers Association, Rosemary spoke frequently throughout Colorado on self publishing during the 1990s. Today, Rosemary calls Melbourne, Florida home. She continues to write and has over 10 published books on topics of career, creative writing and cat humor.

Rosemary calls herself a Journal Aficionado (her License Plate reads: Journal)… as she is an avid writer, including a daily journaling practice. She writes fiction and non-fiction books, and creates journals for daily use. Her artistic endeavors include acrylic painting and mixed media collages. Rosemary is listed in Who’s Who of American Women and Who’s Who in the World. She continues to write and publish books, paints and honors her creative spirit. In 2015. She relocated to Melbourne, FL with her famous cat “Ziggy” - who has his own Facebook page called: Ziggy’s Secrets. Visit her online at
Professional Speaker Topics
Creative writing; independent publishing; cat humor

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