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You, Too, Can Beat Hep C!
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From the back cover:
During the ten years between his diagnosis and cure of Hepatitis C, Patrick Daniel explored many treatment options. His healing journey encompassed conventional pharmaceutical treatments as well as holistic and natural remedies. Finding reliable information was a much more challenging task than he could have anticipated; often beset by frustration in having to resort to trial and error tactics. Now cured, Mr. Daniel guides the reader though the recovery process, finally putting to rest the misinformation and bad advice he encountered for many years. He writes from the trenches of hepatitis C survival with a clear and practical voice about what the disease and its treatment are really like. A firsthand account along with up-to-date treatment information makes this a must read for anyone who has, or is living with someone who has Hepatitis C.
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In progress: Making Business Better for Everyone; Engaging Hearts & Minds, One Business at a Time
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Woodland, CA
Author bio
Patrick Daniel is now free of the hepatitis C virus after a forty year journey with the illness. The same week that he completed his treatment he decided that he would write the book that he wished he would have had when he was first diagnosed. In the process he came to realize that illness, healing, writing, and reaching out to others are all part of a path and journey that is ongoing. Each step presents choices that shape our very being and spirit. And as he likes to point out, “if it was easy, it wouldn’t be Earth!” With a twinkle in his eye and some hard won knowledge he offers his support wherever he can. He now divides his time between speaking and promoting HCV awareness and writing. Patrick cut his teeth on radio with a 3 hour time slot focused on HCV. He now lived outside of Sacramento, CA.
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