Renee Settle
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The 30 Day Writing Workout for Entrepreneurs Blog Edition
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I've heard all the excuses why you, as an entrepreneur, can't write your own blogs. The biggest one being, "I don't have time to write."
The second biggest excuse is, "I don't know what to write about."

In this workbook, I BUST through those excuses and show you how you can write blogs, using just 12 minutes every day.

You'll save money AND time, which is important to any entrepreneur.
At the end of this workout, you'll have 30 blogs you can post on a regular basis.

Stop making excuses and just write it!
Additional Book Titles
The Swinging Rope Incident, The 30 Day Writing Workout for Kids, The 30 Day Writing Workout for Preteens
Location (city/state/country)
Boise, ID
Author bio
Renee was part of the first wave of latchkey kids in 1972 and lived on ranches growing up. In the spring of 2014, she was homeless and jobless, living with friends or in her car. While processing through childhood sexual abuse, she developed a method to help herself write. Then, through teaching it, realized her true calling was to help others break free from the excuses and write, too. Now she coaches clients from all over the world to write and publish their books, runs the 30 Day Writing Workout, has developed workbooks for kids and adults using the 12MAD method, and has spoken to countless groups and conferences about the true reason we make excuses not to write our stories. Fear. She shows people how to overcome both fear and excuses to write using just 12 minutes a day.
Professional Speaker Topics
The Real Reason We Don't Write and How To Overcome It.
Self-publishing today: What every author needs to know.
I've published my book. Now What? How to market your author brand

Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Your story matters. My story matters. Together, our stories will change the world." - Renee Settle

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