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Win On Sale
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The New Perception of Sales tell us that modern seller does not need to convince anyone, anymore. He does not have to "manage" or "deal with" any objections of any potential customer.
By learning all sale techniques and putting them into practice every day, he takes full advantage of every day's "capacity" and thus he makes purchases and reaches his sales goals.
So he helps modern people to do what they love to do since their childhood: to buy constantly wherever they are so as to confirm themselves and improve their lifestyle on a daily basis according to the concept of our modern, consuming society: "I buy things, hence I exist" or even better "I do not buy things, hence I do not exist!!!".
This is the New Perception of Sale. And it's global.
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Christos Stilianidis is a modern professional seller and businessman. He has his own business and he has already made sales to hundreds of people and enterprises. Christos Stilianidis writes books and carries out seminars concerning sales in his efforts to initiate more people to this unique profession.

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