Leslie Atkinson
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Employee Handbook, Quality Manual, Standard Operating Procedures & Work Instructions
Book Description
Series of controlled documents to document, train, monitor and manage product and service based businesses quality. safety and customer satisfaction.
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Boise, ID
Author bio
Leslie Atkinson Inc. (LAI) is owned and operated by Leslie Atkinson a NQA-1 Certified Lead Auditor and Quality Assurance Consultant. Leslie Atkiknson has been providing quality consulting support for over 10 years and has been independently consulting since 2007 providing support from Idaho to Alabama. LAI is currently a company of one with the ability to hire employees and/or bring 1099 subcontractors support to a project team. LAI standard 1099 rate is $95 hour (with a Variance of +/- $25).

Leslie Atkinson assists business growth by developing infrastructure and implementing quality management systems (ISO 9001 & NQA-1) integrated with the culture and technology of small and mid-size companies. Leslie Atkinson has a positive can-do attitude and is Quality Assurance expert who currently serves as Lead Auditor for 3 clients. She has been working successfully in QA for the last 10 years and built quality management systems for 4 successful companies and improved systems for 5 companies ranging from information technology, professional and technical services contracting to the Army/DOD/DOE/NASA, environmental and waste management, and nuclear power industry engineering and software development. Her quality management systems help the business owner as well as the corporations get quality results quickly. She has a track record for building integrated processes efficiently so that company owners find it easy to implement policies and procedures that produce records compliant with federal, regulatory, and contractual requirements.
Professional Speaker Topics
Quality Management Systems, Women Owned Businesses, Government Compliance, ISO 9001, Nuclear Quality Assurance, ZenQMS
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” -Mother Teresa

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