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En Route Baby: What To Do When Baby Arrives Before Help Does
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"En Route Baby: What To Do When Baby Arrives Before Help Does," and it teaches parents what to expect and exactly what to do in case they have to unexpectedly deliver their own baby. After a surprisingly fast labor, I had to deliver my own baby in the back of my jeep as my husband raced us toward the hospital, and a few mistakes I made almost cost my son his life. When we found out we were expecting another baby I wanted to prepare myself in case it happened again, but there was no information to be found, so I started researching emergency childbirth procedures and wrote my own book. I link every news report of "en route" deliveries to my facebook and twitter pages, and believe it or not there are almost 30 new entries each month.
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Boston area
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I love writing, inspiring others, refurbishing older homes and, as always, anything New England.
Professional Speaker Topics
Emergency "en route" childbirth procedures
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"If you're already great at what you do, being better probably won't get you to remarkable status. Being different will."

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