Kate Frank

Kate Frank
Author Name: Kate Frank
Most Recent Book Title: Collaborative Ghostwriter
Book Description: Free 33-page eBook you can download. Go to http://CollaborativeGhostwriter.com and get it now. The eBook explains the roles of editors, publishers, co-authors and collaborative ghostwriters. Avoid costly mistakes by learning what to expect from your book publishing team.
Additional Book Titles: Top Coaches Share series of four books, Profit from Technology for real estate agents
Website #1: Profit Ready Book
Website #2: Publishing Blog
Location (city/state/country): Houston, TX
Author bio: Kate has always had a natural way with effective communication. Throughout her life, she was a resource to friends, family and thought leaders who needed help clearly expressing their thoughts. Originally using her skill as a marketer and copywriter, Kate now combines her knowledge of consumer needs with her ability to write clearly. The authors who hire her benefit from a much more marketable book readers enjoy consuming. She calls her product Collaborative Ghostwriting.

Professional Speaker Topics: Your True Legacy is Not in the Bank – It is in Your Head and Heart
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

Life is too short to perfect your weaknesses…just build on your strengths.

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