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Create Anewu Healthy Creations
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Create Anewu Healthy Creations, is for people that are having a hard time learning or liking, to eat healthy. HEALTHY CREATIONS, will show you how to change your very own meals into HEALTHY CREATIONS, by using healthy ingredients. You will be surprised and amazed, as you learn how much nutrition you can get by adding just a few key ingredients to an old recipe!
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Dr. Kathleen B. Oden has been an author, missionary and Bible teacher, at God's House of Refuge Church & School of Evangelism since 1994. She attained a Doctorate degree in Christian Theology in 2000. Dr. Oden has been writing books and creating Bible games since 1998. She created the Bible games, help the children at her Church learn the Bible.

After a bad fall in 2014, Dr. Oden realized that she had to start eating healthy, in order to recover. She became a Certified Health Minister and God gave her a ministry called, Create Anewu Health Ministry. She loves ministering to people and her health ministry has opened the door for her to share what the WORD OF GOD has to say, about eating healthy.

Dr. Oden has published over 20 books through Amazon.com.
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Healthy Living
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Do not give the flesh what it wants but give the body what it needs.


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