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The Unconscious Authority - How to Break Through Your Mind's Barriers, Unleash Your Dormant Wisdom and Banish Limitations in Your Life, Relationships or Career
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Are You Ready to PERMANENTLY BANISH Fears, Phobias, Undesired Habits or Emotional Trauma From Your Life? Do you desire to make powerful changes in your life, but found it seemingly impossible? Modifications in our behaviors are most often ineffective and short-lived.

Experiencing true life change is more than simply setting intentions, reading affirmations or the annual and most-always-failing “New Year’s Resolutions”...

The Unconscious Authority goes beyond conventional motivational and self-help books and delves into the science and technology of what it takes to truly change. You’ll witness how author Joe Hammer’s clients have powerfully banished undesired life challenges, in minutes!

The Unconscious Authority will set the sails on a brand-new you. Are you ready? You’ll discover:

- How the Unconscious Authority is silently controlling your life
- How Subconscious Motivation is covertly "calling the shots"
- How Sensitizing Events” trigger undesired reactions
- How faulty Historic Recordings are playing out in your life
- Mind Maxims and how they affect your thoughts and experiences
- The often fabricated Formation of your Reality
- The Technology of the Mind, the 3 components to your very being
- The often erroneous Power of Thought
- How to better control your mind’s Stealth Processors
- The debilitating power of a Faulty Belief System
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Scottsdale, Arizona
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Joe Hammer is a Transformation Leader, Marketing Strategist, Mentor and Lifetime Entrepreneur. Through his workshops, seminars and mentoring programs, Joe has assisted countless clients in banishing their limitations, building their business and living the life they truly desire. He has studied with many of the world’s most famous trainers and mentors in the fields of human potential, success and spirituality. Joe understands and trains in the dynamics responsible for happiness, achievement and excellence.
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Personal and Business EXCELeration
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Honesty is the Best Policy, Especially
When You're Talking to Yourself...
- Joe Hammer (c)

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