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Energy Magic Compleat
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By popular demand, the #1 best selling book Energy Magic has been combined with the breakout success CUSP to create one volume of instruction on the use of bio-universal energy (your energy combined with Divine energy to create positive outcome). Energy Magic takes you through a comprehensive study of how to amp up your energy flow and meld it with Divine energy to meet short term goals and create change on a daily basis. CUSP outlines a year of bio-universal energy practice to manifest long-term, life changing goals over the course of the ancient agricultural year.

Together, they create a complete framework for energy work in your life, onto which you can layer your own spiritual path. Working with bio-universal energy is not specific to any one faith or any particular path. Anyone can use it and incorporate their own religious principles into the practice. If you want to begin changing your life right now and provide for future manifestation of excellence, this is the manual for you.
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High Sierras, Northern California
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Eric: A lifelong student of philosophy, spiritualism and religious theology now introduces the on-line world to the practice of CUSP. For the last 16 years, Eric Rasbold and his wife Katrina have created, developed, lived and now written of the philosophy and practice of the spiritual path known as Climbing Up The Spiral Pathway that has been enjoyed and celebrated by thousands wishing to take an active role in changing the course of their lives and improving their connection with the Divine. In addition to the main practice, he and his wife have also developed a complete series that teaches the ways and means of effective union of the body, mind and spirit through the responsible and ethical use of Energy Magic and Bio Universal energies.

Eric lives in the forested Eden of the High Sierras of Northern California near Tahoe with his wife and children. He enjoys all outdoor activities that will allow communion with nature, especially in places that are not often frequented by people.

Katrina: Katrina Rasbold has provided insightful and guidance to countless individuals over the past three decades through both her life path consultations and her informative classes and workshops. She has worked with teachers all over the world, including three years of training in England and two years of practice in the Marianas Islands.
She is a professional life coach who holds a PhD in Religion. She and her husband, Eric Rasbold, are the co-creators of CUSP (Climbing Up the Spiral Pathway), a program designed to manifest positive, long term life changes by following the ancient agricultural cycles throughout the year. CUSP has touched the lives of literally thousands of people since its inception in 1997 and is practiced as a life pattern and spiritual path all over the United States and in other countries as well. Their book "The CUSP Way" explains the details of this vibrant and productive process of personal manifestation and is coupled with other books from the Bio-Universal/Energy Magic series to instruct users on how to use their own empowerment and that of The Divine to improve their life.

Katrina was a frequent guest on the "Herb Nero Show" in Southern California and has been a popular presence at many festivals and speaking events throughout California for many years. She is a published author and freelance journalist who has distinguished herself with her no-nonsense approach and humorous, home-spun commentary in many different genres of reporting and commentary. Her workshops, classes and lectures continue to charm and educate her clients and students. In her book "Energy Magic," she coined the phrase "bio-universal energies" to identify the measurable energy fields a person radiates when creating positive change, a combination of the personal energy inherent to each individual joined with the universal energies that are able to be accessed and channeled into perceivable manifestation.

As a life coach, Katrina has provided valuable guidance to literally thousands of people, including actors Jill Larson, Lee Meriweather, Michael E. Knight, and Bobbie Eakes.

Since 2002, Katrina has worked as event staff for the General Hospital Fan Club Week, the single biggest General Hospital fan event of the year. Her guidebook "The GH Fan Club Weekend For Dummies", enjoyed strong popularity since its debut in 2002 and is now available as an e-book on, currently titled "An Insider's Guide to the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend." A lifelong fan of the show, Katrina brings her personal stories, photographs, and experience to the task of prepping guests to successfully navigate this fun-filled event.

Her passion for Women's Wisdom studies began in 1980 when she became a certified childbirth instructor. She taught childbirth, prenatal and lactation classes in many locations around the world over the following 17 years and pursued practice in hospital, birthing center and home birth environments.

A native of Western Kentucky, Katrina considers herself to be a true Southern Diva and enjoys such amenities as "big hair" and blessing a person's heart. Her book "Leaving Kentucky in the Broad Daylight" details her life growing up in rural Kentucky amongst an eccentric family in the 1960s-1970s.

Katrina has been an avid practitioner of the magical arts since the early 1980s and the study of all ways that humans enjoy congress with God is her passion. She currently teaches classes in the Sacramento and El Dorado County areas of California.

Katrina is happily married and has six children, to whom she personally gave birth. She lives on a remote mountain top in California with her husband, two of those six children (the rest are grown), two cats, three dogs, a turtle named God, several chickens that are all named Helen, and Elvis, a slightly neurotic shih tzu.
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Energy Magic and the Ways and Means of Positive Manifestation.
The CUSP Philosophy.
Effective Ritual Production.
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