Glenn Flock

Glenn Flock
Glenn Flock
No Copyrights In Nature — Just Opportunities
A 40 page exercise where Control Freaks will get lockjaw. This relates to the coming world of UNcopyrighted, the world of opportunities brought on by Ray Kurzweil’s “Singularity”.
FutureBook Projects, The Future of Books, The Coming Phase-change of the Singularity, STORIES — Random Access Reading (RAR), What’s Your Problem ? Too Much Information?, Goddess of Serendipity, Go2Future Open-source Business Concepts — For Writers, Authors and Artists
Salem, OR, USA
An Ol’ Fuss who’s well traveled beyond the county line in business and life itself. If you really want to know more, see “Who Are You People Anyway?” on my website Intro page.
Been there, done that; my FutureBook Projects are quite enough, thank you.

Existence exists. Everything leaks.

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