Jeffery Weaver
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A Recipe For Hope: How We Fought Cancer With Family, Friends, Faith and Food
Book Description
The story of how Susan Weaver fought stage 4 incurable breast cancer after learning she had a just a few years to live by making massive lifestyle changes and went into remission against all odds. It's told in real time in a journal format by me, her husband, for my point of view. Inside Susan's incredible story is a road map of all the things one can do for themselves when fighting cancer. There is also section on foods that fight cancer and foods that a cancer patient should never eat plus over 50 recipes where all ingredients that have know cancer fighting properties.
Location (city/state/country)
Brea, California USA
Author bio
Jeffery Weaver grew up on a family farm in Myrtle Creek Oregon where he owned a timber company and later worked in the financial services industry. He has had business in Oregon, Mill Valley CA, Las Vegas NV and Newport Beach and San Dimas CA.

He resides in Brea California with his wife Susan and two Austrian Shepherds.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Life is best traveled off the beaten path where there is no road signs to guide you.

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