Anne Tezon

Anne Tezon
Tripping Down Main Street
The fun and funny of community journalism . . . A collection of personal essays on the amusing incidents that occurred to the author during a lengthy career as a community newspaper editor and publisher in rural Missouri. Taken from a longer memoir, this book includes a look at national and small town politics and human frailties and fun as experienced by a community journalist.
Letters from Home: The Adventures of Mad Mother, Lemonade Man and The Kid
Journal for Journalists
Rebuilding Your Life After the Death of Your Spouse: Experiences and Tips From Two Survivors
Kansas City, MO/US
Anne Tezon is a retired newspaper publisher and editor who is committed to helping others capture, preserve and publish their personal histories. She has a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of Missouri and a master’s degree from Memphis State. She is a widow and has one son and a precious, precocious grandson.
Capturing your life stories before it’s too late
Repurposing newspaper content for print and eBooks
Forming and facilitating memoir groups

My personal mission statement : God is calling me to use my writing talents, leadership and organizational skills plus my publishing experience to draw out people’s stories of faith, perseverance and love so they can inspire and guide the next generation.