Dan Rivera
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Wisdom Soldier
Book Description
Do you want to lead your family and community to greater fulfillment and purpose? Community leaders, concerned parents, and Charitable organizations. Wisdom soldier is the inspiring new book filled with fascinating-true life stories that is bound to change your personal perspectives. Stories that will help parents and community leaders understand the causes of emotional wounds. Why people give up on their dreams, why they rebel, and what they are willing to do to full fill the need to recognized- for good or bad. With firsthand experience as part of a highly dysfunctional family, the author provides great insights into a life of hopelessness and desperation. And how the one teaching by the wisest man to ever live, changed his life. The topics in this book include, "Guarding your Heart" and Why. Steps to building a powerful self-esteem and the self-image necessary to achieve any goal. Also, expect to learn how dysfunctional families are created, effects of codependent relationships and how it leads to mental illness. More importantly-how to prevent it--so it doesn't happen to you or your loved ones. In this life changing book the author teaches you the concepts all great teachers have used to find success, happiness, and prosperity of the highest level. Community leaders, expect Wisdom Soldier's teachings to turn outcasts and rebels into inspired purpose driven citizens. America, here's your chance to impact you're community with the least amount of effort.
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Los Angeles
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Guard Your Heart"

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