Kevin J. Kauffman
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REST - a candid glimpse inside the public restroom
Book Description
A photographic journal of one man's travels as he is driven on by his unnatural obsession with the public restroom, this compilation showcases the often overlooked individuality and diversity among these seemingly mundane portals to personal comfort that dot the landscapes of our daily lives. Everyone will relate to this artfully assembled collection of over 400 full-color, unauthorized, unstaged, and entirely unique and original photos revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly of these indispensable away-from-home refuges. From the meager to the posh, the aged to the contemporary, the rural to the urban, they are all represented here with stark realism.
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Berks County, PA, USA
Author bio
Kevin J. Kauffman, a freelance small business IT consultant in southeastern Pennsylvania, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering with a minor in psychology from Lehigh University and has held corporate jobs in electronic component design, digital and analog circuit design, database programming, and IT management. He acquired the engineering acumen and a general interest in science early in life, but his family also instilled in him a love for the creative. He has dabbled, usually with a less-than-serious bent, in many of the more common right-brained pursuits including drawing, painting, sculpting, wood-working, cooking, poetry, and music. An avid gadget enthusiast, his purchase of an early digital camera added photography to this list. Though little more than a toy by today's standards, it helped him learn how powerful a simple photo can be, and it gave him yet another outlet for his quirky sense of humor.