Kathi C. Laughman
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Adjusted Sails: What does this make possible?
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Adjusted Sails is a book about resiliency. It is designed to help the reader redefine what resilience means by showing that it is not about what happens to us, it is about what we create from what happens to us. The definition of resilience as demonstrated within the book is in this question: What does this make possible? Using examples from the author’s own life as well as others the book explores what we face in terms of disruption in our lives and how to reshape our perspective. The flow covers empty nest, disrupted professions and health issues. It demonstrates that what at first appear to be losses can become turning points for something new. Ultimately, there is joy in the journey because of who we are becoming, not what we are experiencing. The book takes the reader through the steps needed to embrace the fact that there is more value in the rest of their story than they ever dreamed possible.
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25 Brilliant Business Mentors: Their Top Tips to Catapult You to Success
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Spring, Texas, USA
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Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, Mastermind Leader: Helping people realize more value in the rest of their story than they ever dreamed possible.
Professional Speaker Topics
Adjusted Sails: What does this make possible?
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The 4 C's of CEP (Continuous Expert Positioning)
Living G.L.A.D. - Your Best Life Begins with Your Best Day
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

There’s a certain moment in every memorable journey, often recognized only in hindsight, when the trip you are on presents itself, and the one you thought you were taking or had planned is jettisoned. It’s then that you begin really traveling, not merely touring. - Andrew McCarthy

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