Dr. Paul D. Tinari Ph.D.
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Lymph Mobbed & Booby Trapped
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A new book is now available the examines every aspect of lymph health. It is called "Lymph Mobbed & Booby Trapped" and it includes 10 simple exercises that women can do to reduce their risk of breast cancer. It is also one of the first to examine the many negative impacts of male circumcision on female health.
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JOOM Destiny
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Port Moody, BC, Canada
Author bio
Dr. Paul Tinari(aka Dr. Future) is a professional creative thinker and problem solver who has worked for the private sector, NGOs and government clients around the globe. He has been called a visionary and “Renaissance Man” for the 21st century. When asked by a U.S. Senator what his research would do to enhance the national security of the nation, he replied: “Nothing, except to help make it worth defending.” He founded the Pacific Institute for Advanced Study in 1990, the world’s first truly globally networked R&D organization. His curiosity and research interests have spanned many domains including alternate energy, architecture, art, archaeology, biology, climate change, engineering, epidemiology, environmental science, fluid dynamics, future studies, green buildings, kinesiology, mathematics, physics and zoology. The common thread that runs through all of his interests is an intense desire to improve the world and to help people lead better, safer, healthier and more abundant lives. Among his numerous accomplishments include the organization of the first Canadian Earth Day, consulting with senior administrators at NASA on how new technologies could impact the agency’s business model, speaking at the World Future Society Conference on the possible impacts of 3D printing and related technologies, being a finalist in the Canadian astronaut selection process and working with the US Navy to develop new ideas for comprehensive fleet defense. For many years he taught creative thinking skills to executives from Fortune 500 companies. He is the author of several books including “Boxing Outside the Think” on the art of creative thinking, “The JOOM Destiny” on the long-term impacts of 3D printing and supporting technologies, “The Art & Science of Systems Thinking,” and “Relativity for the Reluctant,” a book for those having difficulties understanding the complexities of Einstein’s famous theory.

In addition to having taught Physics and Future Studies, he is currently working to set a 3D Printing Department at Simon Fraser University. He designs and leads seminars for executives of Fortune 500 corporations in many areas including Creative Thinking, Systems Thinking and on how future technological trends will impact business operations. As Dr. Future, he is host to the long running show on CJSF Radio “Future Talk.” He currently lives in Port Moody, British Columbia.
Professional Speaker Topics
3D Printing, Creative Thinking, Systems Thinking, Breast Cancer Prevention
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. Marcus A.

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