Kristine Scott

Kristine Scott
Kristine Scott
The Economics of Protection Ministries
Putting dollars and sense to the safety-productivity continuum that church executive boards are tasks with navigating. The security related decisions a church board makes will have a critical impact not just on the physical and emotional well being of their congregation but on the financial wellness of the organization. This book delves deep into the intricacies of the financial liability created by absorbing security related risk on your parishioners behalf.
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Summerville GA
Ms. Scott boasts a well balanced background with 15 years of experience in personal protection field operations, private security, business development, curriculum development, and extensive work as an educator in a variety of subject matters. She produces competent students with a reliable performance by creating a progressive curriculum of intelligent adaptable tactics, presenting with a uniquely effective methodology, and maintaining a commitment to her own continuing eduction. Serving both private and public sector professionals as well as civilian students.
Financial risk management
Protection ministries
Real estate broker coaching/business development
Self protection
Firearms training
Wealth protection and growth in widowhood

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