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Changed at the Altar
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This book was birthed from a reality show “To Find Love” rejection after producers were more interested in my true story being a movie verses having the network look bad for casting me because of the X on my back. I knew I was on to something.
My life spun out of control when my high school sweetheart of 6 years, stood me up at the altar only to find out that she married another guy the same day. He was a Pastor.
This led me to prison, homelessness, robbing Peter to pay Paul, caretaker for my mom and getting less than ideal jobs. I had even resorted to becoming a male entertainer, Bouncer & Strip Club DJ.
My turning point was stopping an armed robbery and winning a NAACP Image Award as "Hometown Champion" from Radio One. The robber was #1 on Crime stoppers list.
Go with me on my life long MADE FOR TV journey as I continue my quest for LOVE! I assure you that it’ll make your head spin and encourage you at the same time.
Author bio
Andre M Nero was born June 2, 1979 in the Great City of Chicago, Illinois and was raised with a strong Christian foundation. Having a fairly rough upbringing being the middle child of a single mom of 3 boys.

Andre has not had an easy life moving around a lot as a youth dealing with peer pressure, he has made some misguided and life altering decisions. This has led him down the path of prison, homelessness, embracing jobs less than ideal, encountering intense family tragedy and many other challenges teaching him invaluable lessons.

In spite of the many tear jerking adversities, these experiences gave Andre the fortitude and WILL to WIN in ANY situation. Now with an increased and refined edge, Andre has honed into his ability to communicate with all walks of life and is able to relate to anyone regardless of their age, sex, religion or creed.

Andre, now Motivational Speaker with over 350 engagements to credit, uses EVERY SINGLE OBSTACLE to encourage and tell you - YOUR LIFE IS NOT BEYOND REPAIR!
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No matter where you are in your life - YOU LIFE IS NOT BEYOND REPAIR!

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