Rebecca Devitt

Rebecca Devitt
Rebecca Devitt
Why on Earth Homeschool
Why on Earth Homeschool gives you an exciting and unique look at what homeschooling can mean for your child. Filled with entertaining and engaging stories and research studies, this book integrates the theories and experts of many homeschooling experts.
Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Rebbecca Devitt is a writer and advocate of Christian homeschooling education in Australia. She is an Australian Christian and a homeschool graduate who enjoys fellowship, Bible study and talking to others about Christian homeschooling.

Rebbecca homeschooled in a Christian family after three years in a Christian School. She attended a church group made up largely of homeschoolers. Rebbecca feels overwhelmingly blessed by her parents, who pulled her out of school to homeschool. She hopes to share the joys of good Christian education with others.

The author enjoys being a keen advocate of homeschooling in Australia and lobbies state and federal governments on this topic. Rebbecca is married to Tristan and has a rabbit, Chester, who lives on her balcony. When it comes to writing, Rebbecca likes to write about issues affecting public, private and Christian schools as well as other subjects affecting Christians today.

In time, Rebbecca hopes her book will affect hundreds of Christian parents, and influence them to choose the best path of Christian education available today, which is diligent Christian homeschooling.
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