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Your Belief Quotient: 7 Beliefs that Sabotage or Support Your Success
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TRANSFORM YOUR BELIEFS TO TRANSFORM YOUR WORLD In this award-winning book, Dr. Lisa Van Allen calls you to live the rich, full life you were designed to lead by breaking through self-limiting beliefs like scarcity, fear, hopelessness, and perfectionism. You will learn how it is possible to build 7 essential beliefs like resilience, initiative, and abundance into your life. How beliefs are formed and how they affect your mind, body, and spirit; Seven powerful beliefs that create success, and the false, skewed beliefs that create failure; Practical exercises to transform and strengthen your beliefs; Inspiring stories of courageous belief-builders who prove it's possible to break lifelong patterns of self-sabotage and defeat. If they can do it, so can you!

"Dr. Lisa has shown us how to put our attention on the beliefs that build us up and eliminate focus from those beliefs that get in our way" -JANET BRAY ATTWOOD, New York Times bestselling author of The Passion Test-The Effortless Path to Living Your Life Purpose

"Deftly weaving threads from psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching, Dr. Lisa offers a sound paradigm and clear pathway for identifying your negative beliefs and stopping them in their tracks. If you want to learn how to stop sabotaging your success, get this book. Read it. And apply it" -RACHNA D. JAIN, PsyD, Author, Overcome Rejection: The SMART Way
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Cedar Falls, IA, USA
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Dr. Lisa Van Allen helps men and women break through belief barriers they did not even know existed, freeing them of self-sabotage and enabling them to fulfill their destiny with passion and joy.

Dr. Lisa is "The Biz Doctor", a clinical psychologist and certified business coach with over 20 years experience working with transformational leaders and organizations. Dr. Lisa is an author, speaker and trainer, inspiring audiences around the world to push the boundaries of belief to live a life of purpose, passion and profitability. Dr. Lisa's award winning book Your Belief Quotient: 7 Beliefs the Sabotage or Support Your Success was released in January 2013.

Visit Dr. Lisa's website at http://www.VanAllenCoaching.com or her blog at http://www.BuildingBetterBeliefs.com

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