Anthony Sepe
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"What's Cooking: Recipes from America's Greatest Dietitians & Chefs"
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Anthony Sepe announces release of ‘What’s Cooking’
New cookbook helps readers learn how to cook healthy recipes

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – Dietitian and Author Anthony Sepe has always been interested in food, cooking and good health. “What's Cooking: Recipes from America's Greatest Dietitians & Chefs” is his invitation to readers to join him in his interests as he regales them with favorite original recipes coupled with nutritional analysis.

With a Foreword by Roberta Schwartz Wennik, M.S., RDN, Sepe gathered celebrity chefs and notables within the field of dietetics to blend different aspects of food preparation. “What’s Cooking” takes readers into a world of delicious cuisine geared towards teaching them how to, as the author states, “meld taste and nutrition.” Each recipe, though different, will teach readers how to manage their health and have fun doing it, because each recipe has a full table of nutritional facts next to it. It is the author’s hope that readers will be able to gain knowledge of different foods that are healthy and taste great with his food collection guiding the way.

Anthony is generously donating ten percent from the proceeds from the sale of this book that will go to the Cerebral Palsy Association of New York through the Southern Tier New York Handicapped Children's Association, which is earmarked for counseling services.

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Males with Eating Disorders-
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Anthony Sepe
Occupation: Dietitian, President, and CEO Medical Nutrition Therapy Services
Author of: Males With Eating Disorders
Description: An Extensive Research Article-
Male Eating Disorder Information and Recovery

Anthony graduated with a B.S. in Dietetics from The State University of New York at Oneonta. He
graduated from the Advanced PreProfessional Practice Program Dietetic Internship Program. Anthony has been in the profession for over 30 years. For several years he was educating patients about different diets and healthier food choices, and assisting individuals with eating disorders. Anthony authors the blog “From a Dietitian’s Perspective,”which can be found at

Anthony has received the following Awards and Honors: Janice C. Bullock National Scholarship, Phi Upsilon Omicron Scholarship, Alumni Association Scholarship; President, Phi Upsilon Omicron- National Honor Society and takes pride of membership in Cambridge Who’s Who.
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"What's cooking? Hopefully YOU are after sinking your teeth into this monster of a cookbook. Sepe gathers top notch recipes from leading health experts and professionals who know how to make good-for-you foods taste great. The best thing is you will be so focused on trying out any number of tasty yet healthy recipes that you probably won't notice (or mind) that your health improved along the way."-David Grotto,PhD, RDN, LDN
Author of: The Best Things You Can Eat

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