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Abundantly You! On Purpose In Business:
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Life, business and economics, women in business... they do go hand in hand! But, quite frankly, setbacks in life and business happen! It takes focused effort, support, tools, tips and limitless ongoing learning to forge through. In this anthology, eight courageous women share super successful business building strategies with a fresh approach…from within.

Each contributor shows others how to stand in their power to run a business, become aligned with their values and beliefs with business action and offer other business concepts concepts as dynamic and transformational business experts – all leading to a better place in what we call Abundantly You! On Purpose In Business.

Our mission and message is paramount to women, leaders, professionals and other entrepreneurs during this time. The goal: to share these messages to help many people en masse to find align their purpose, use their divine gifts in talents in business, be inspired and bold enough to implement steps to make it so!

The book celebrates entrepreneurship, spirituality, wealth, riches and abundance in all areas, which is what happens when you decide to create financial freedom in life.
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Miracles Momentum & Manifestation: Unleash the Secret Powers to Having the Life You Desire
Discover Your Inner Strength
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Gooding Idaho
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Anna Weber—Author, Speaker and Literary Strategist—has been serving the publishing industry for close to two decades. Her passion extends to the aspiring first–time author who, as a service professional or accomplished entrepreneur, and has a key message or story to share with the world. Unfortunately, as happens frequently, they have most likely hit a brick wall when it comes from taking that idea and moving it to becoming a successfully published and promoted book that allows them to be highly compensated for “leaving their mark on the world!”

Anna’s broad-view programs are based on the premise that knowledge is power, and that the little things you don’t know prevent you from experiencing success. Each program focuses on how gain visibility and actually get books written, published, and marketed to a perfect audience who will be most receptive to the book’s topic or message. Her greatest results have been in taking aspiring authors - and moving them from idea to inspired action - to positively and meaningfully impact the world in their expanding visibility and expert status.
Professional Speaker Topics
Bust the Myths of Self-Publishing
Draw on the Power of the Critical Path of Writing, Publishing, and Successful Book Marketing
Manage the Writer's Mindset: Maximize Your Writing Profits
Perpetual Marketing: Keeping Your Book Alive in a Busy Market
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world.
~ Harriet Tubman

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