Marie Pearson
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Bohemians in the vicinity of Petersburg, Virginia
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Czech immigrants began purchasing land in Virginia that had been overgrown and neglected after the civil war having first tried living in the northern and western states. Having followed those immigrant trails, many found that it was not suitable and looked elsewhere for settlements. Virginia offered a milder climate, two growing seasons, and cheap land per acre. Though they struggled due to being alien foreigners, they remained diligent and hard working with little assistance from the native Virginians. But they succeeded and became respectable, honest and successful farmers admired by the city fathers. More "Good Bohemians" were desired which resulted in The Bohemian Land Company publishing a book in the Czech language encouraging other "fellow countryman" to come to Virginia. Now fully translated 100 years later, it can be read by the ancestors of those who wrote personal heartwarming testimonies about their experience as immigrant farmers in Virginia at the turn of the 19th century.
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A Cooking Book featuring Old Bohemia Recipes
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Co-founder of the Virginia Czech Slovak Heritage Society. Presented and displayed at the First National Folk Festival in Richmond, Virginia. Selected as a panelist and presenter at the 2006 World Congress of the Czechoslovak held in Ceske Budejovice Society of Arts and Sciences. With other relatives was able to locate and visit her ancestors in their Czech family village that is now in a remote part of Romania. Published in NASE RODINA ,2008 (Vol.20, No. 3) an article "Where our Heritage was born:Czechs in Virginia find their ancestral village."
Graduate of St.Leo University, Summa Cum Laude. Retired Director, Virginia Osteoporosis Clinic.
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Czechs and Slovaks in Virginia
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Treat others with kindness and always do what is right.

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