Darlene M. Porter
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Lives of Our Mothers: A True Telling of Women's Lives as Pilgrims in Puritan New England
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Lives of Our Mothers: The True Telling of Women’s Lives as Pilgrims in Puritan New England tells the life story of Susannah Mary Wiggin. She and the “characters” enact documented events actually lived in the 1600's. The remarkable exploits therein detailed are of sufficient numbers and their "telling" is so vivid, it requires that the narrative arc span more than one volume. Anything shorter would rush the tale. Full examination of the many authentic persons' situations can be found in this carefully researched work of narrative non-fiction. Genealogy fans can check the index to see if your ancestors are present. What makes this work unique is that it focuses on the lives of women, most of them mothers, in a time from which female voices are silent. This saga will be available to be purchased within the coming three months. It has already won fourth place in the non-fiction category of the national contest known as "Ink and Insights", inkandinsights.com. A small sample of a key chapter is posted on that site under "2016 Winners".
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Pollock Pines, California
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Darlene M. Porter wrote the book, "Lives of Our Mothers: A True Telling of Women's Lives as Pilgrims in Puritan New England". She is a retired RN with a BSN. She is also a genealogist and historian.Her education, heavy in science, includes a minor in history. She worked as an RN, mostly at the bedside, for 33 years.
Professional Speaker Topics
Researching Genealogy, history of New England, heavy on colonial Connecticut.

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