Johnathan J. Clayborn

Johnathan J. Clayborn
Johnathan J. Clayborn
Clayborn’s Beginner’s Guide to Chickens
This no-nonsense guide from Amazon Best-Selling author Johnathan J. Clayborn serves as an essential guide to anyone who is either considering chickens or just starting out with their flocks. This comprehensive guide covers a range of topics, from breed selection, chicken habitats, chicken behaviors, diets and nutrition, eggs, meat birds, roosters, identifying and treating chicken diseases and more. The author says “it’s everything I wish I knew about chickens when I first started”.
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El Mirage, AZ
Johnathan J. Clayborn is an American author of non-fiction books. He has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and works in the behavioral health field supervising the training of clinicians and counselors. He is passionate about education, learning, and science and has worked in the training industry for two decades. His interests include learning and education, philosophy, ethics, and science.
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