Mitchell Walker
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The PouchPlan Budget
Book Description
A personal budgeting system for folks who cant do budgets
Location (city/state/country)
Mount Pleasant/TX/USA
Author bio
Mitchell Walker earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University and embarked on an entrepreneurial career. He has owned five businesses: an insurance agency, multiple restaurants, an automotive dealership, a personnel recruitment firm and a farm. His financial experience spans 25 years and includes working with the public to being the CFO of a Berkshire Hathaway company and a community college. He has served his local community as a City Councilman and County Commissioner.
For many years, Mitchell’s passion has been helping people improve their personal financial situations. He has spoken and given seminars to churches, recovery groups, women’s shelters and other organizations. He believes and shares this key message: If you do money right, life gets easier. You do money wrong, and life gets harder.
The PouchPlan was developed based on his expertise, but more importantly, was put to the test and proven by Mitchell and his wife Suzanne over 20 plus years as they raised their blended family of seven. He credits Suzanne and the PouchPlan for greatly improving their finances and moving their family “from ouch to Pouch.” They live on their hay farm in Northeast Texas where they enjoy their large family (they have five children and 10 grandkids), church and extended family and friends.
Professional Speaker Topics
Power of a Plan; Why Willpower Fails; Why Habits, Good or Bad, Rule Your Behaviors.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Do money right and life gets easier and easier. Do money wrong and life gets harder and harder.

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