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"What good would it do to bring that up?"

Domestic violence, alcoholism, mental illness, adultery, murder, suicide. If you never question what happened to past generations, does it matter?

If you become an adult who…

+ Attempts to jump out of a 4th story window…
+ Reaches 32 before ever having a regular job...
+ Falls in love with one man while married to another...
+ Spends a career studying science, collecting hard data, and never believing her own experiences...

Is it all coincidence?

What happens when your search for truth and love, runs straight into everything you've learned is never to question?
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Cincinnati, OH USA
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I’m a writer working on my first book, a memoir. I’m also a copywriter and marketer who's sharing a yearlong behind-the-scenes blog series about writing a good story and building an author platform. You can check the series out at http://loripuma.com/blog?tag=overachieving%20author

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