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The Room Planner: 100 practical plans for your home
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Most of us want to improve our homes and increase the value at the same time, but
very few of us have the money to spend on an architect. Paula Robinson offers
a clear vision of the future for our homes and provides all the ideas and practical
information to adapt the space in which you live.

'The Room Planner' is packed with her tricks of the trade along with nearly 200
simplified user-friendly, colour coded plans, illustrations and diagrams which allow you
to pick the designs and layouts most appropriate to your home, be it a terraced house
or contemporary loft.

Apart from focusing on space, this book also deals with other important aspects in redesigning your home, particularly those of colour and shape. As well as exploring how these can make a room look, Paula focuses on the psychological effects and how this knowledge can be used to
your advantage. There is a particularly helpful section on basic tips; from advice on budgeting, to considering how the family pets will cope with the disruption, as well as basics for particular rooms, lighting and furniture.

'The Room Planner' is the perfect book for any homeowner who wants a more hands-on approach to creating their dream home or breathing new life into their existing living space.
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A Place of Shadows
Remembering Tomorrow
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Paula Robinson Rossouw is a writer and designer who believes that our success, health and happiness are profoundly affected by the spaces that we live and work in. Paula focuses on helping her readers and clients create living and working environments to transform their lives on all levels.

Paula was born in Montreal to British parents. She grew up in Los Angeles, New York and London, was educated at the Lycée Français and speaks fluent French. She studied Psychology at London University.

Paula is a former DIY columnist for the Sunday Times and then moved on to a design column for the Sunday Telegraph. She has contributed freelance articles to a number of publications over the years, including a Masterclass for Move Or Improve magazine.

Ebury Press (a division of Random House) commissioned Paula to write a book on space reconfiguration, 'The Room Planner: 100 practical plans for your home' Paula has just completed her first novel, 'A Place of Shadows' and is working on her second, "Remembering Tomorrow"
Paula divides her time between the US and Europe.

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