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Never Forgotten
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“This time we went back to the worst moments of my past life. As soon as I smelled that familiar odor in the nose, I knew immediately where I was heading to…”

Have you ever felt that you do not live your life? That you do not belong to this life as completely as you should? Maybe you have experienced your past life memories. You can read a lot of information about past lives and reincarnation on the Internet or in books and magazines. You could hear stories on the television from time to time. But is it possible that a person has struggled with something like that for real? That this person has one life already behind him or her? Who would? From where? Lots of questions arise here and wait to be answered. This is the search for one such life. That life does not want to be forgotten. A life that even beyond the reach can bring together a lot of people who have not yet known each other and who suddenly become a part of an incredible story.

This is my story…
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Prague, Czech Republic
Author bio
Nikki J. Goldman works and lives in Prague in the Czech Republic. She has written books since her early childhood. Besides writing, she is also interested in paranormal phenomena, psychology, pet breeding or traveling.

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