Cassandra Lea Martin
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The Multiple You Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century
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The Multiple You Universe is an armchair journey for the curious reader who wonders what science is missing about the universe that the mystics seem to know. Born a mystic, Cassandra takes you through many of her personal experiences and then draws proving lines back into science, such as quantum physics, philosophy and neuroscience. She has rebranded Sacred Science, using the tools of the scientist and the consciousness of the metaphysicians around the world.

She addresses a wide variety of subjects that introduces readers to the century of the Quantum Human as we learn the importance of expanding our consciousness, to cocreate the world the majority of us want. Humanity is on the verge of a breakthrough that can literally reverse the negative trends that have been established by past paradigm shifts of consciousness; such as greed, racism, global pollution and political corruption.

Cassandra teaches us the fundamentals of mysticism, and suggests that the scientific community will never accurately discover the formula for the "theory of everything" without including the knowledge and multidimensional abilities already practiced by mystics and metaphysicians in this day and age.

She is passionate about reviving #SacredScience because our science is now sophisticated enough to catch up with the dimensions of light and frequency that she and others have traveled through for years.
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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Today creates tomorrow. - My personal motto

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